The Future Isn't Now

Have you been paying attention to the recent developments regarding ES modules (ESM) in Node.js? If not, you really should. Earlier this month, support for ESM landed in Chrome Canary, and it stirred up a lot anxiety on Twitter around the actual details of how ESM will be implemented. The Webpack team put out a nice, informative blog post that’s definitely worth a read.

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Intel Responds to the i7-7700K Thermal Issues

As I mentioned in my last post, my i7-7700K was experiencing such extreme temperature spikes during normal operation that it made the fan noise intolerable until I switched to an AIO cooler and tinkered with my fan settings. There is a long thread on the Intel forums where other people have reported this same problem. Today, Intel finally came back with an official response regarding the temperature spikes. Tl;dr: they don’t think it’s a problem and won’t fix it.

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So Long, Sandy Bridge

Way back in 2011, I built a nearly-silent gaming PC in a hulking full tower case that took up about half of the space under my desk. It was built around the Intel i5-2500K, a Sandy Bridge chip that could just as easily have been named The Little Processor That Could. That thing was crazy overclockable and, amazingly, it powered my primary PC until this month, when the motherboard started failing. I guess Moore’s Law really is dead.

I was an AMD fangirl when Bulldozer was released and, having been scarred for life by the experience, was too skeptical of Ryzen to want to become an early adopter. It’s a shame, because Ryzen seems to be reviewing very well. I stuck with Intel and went for a Kaby Lake i7-7700K on the theory that it would be a more stable platform. The reality is that I encountered some truly bizarre problems with this chip that I want to share in this post.

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PSA: The FileZilla for Mac Installer Contains Malware

This is just a public service announcement that the FileZilla installer for OSX from the official project page contains malware. This has been an issue for at least a year at this point (see this Hacker News thread and this thread on the official forums) but it’s something I actually encountered this morning: as soon as I downloaded the installer, Bitdefender detected that it contained the SpiGot adware engine.

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