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Just use black

I don’t know if this is the true start of the trend, but sometime around 2012 I began to notice more and more websites reducing the contrast of their text. Big, popular frameworks like Bootstrap started shipping with text that was charcoal (#333) instead of true black (#000), and there was even a popular blog post called Design Tip: Never Use Black that spread the idea farther. I was hoping this was a passing fad, but it seems to have stuck around.

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npm 5.7.0 overwrites critical Linux file permissions (!!!)

This is an important Public Service Announcement about an extremely hilarious problem with npm. But the bottom line is that you should NOT use npm v5.7.0 and probably shouldn’t use npm at all at this point.

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Adventures With PHP on IBM i

I spent my first two posts whining about JavaScript and its community, but I want you to know that I don’t hate it. Not really. There are things about the language that I will never understand and things about the ecosystem that make me laugh, sure, but the fact remains that good developers can write perfectly reasonable, maintainable software using JavaScript and its many third-party libraries and tools.

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