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Adventures With PHP on IBM i

I spent my first two posts whining about JavaScript and its community, but I want you to know that I don’t hate it. Not really. There are things about the language that I will never understand and things about the ecosystem that make me laugh, sure, but the fact remains that good developers can write perfectly reasonable, maintainable software using JavaScript and its many third-party libraries and tools.

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Please Stop Reinventing Authentication

You may have guessed from my last post that I’m not especially fond of the current JavaScript ecosystem. You would have guessed correctly. Still, in the interest of employability I try to keep up to date with Facebook’s platform. Most recently that’s meant playing around with GraphQL and reading through some different GraphQL-based projects (and starter projects) on GitHub.

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A scary (React) story for Halloween

It’s almost Halloween, which means it’s the perfect time to pass on a scary story I heard from a friend. If you’ve got a bash shell you can even act it out with me.

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